(post production, 2022)

Recipient of the Johnson Film Launch Award and the NYU Producer’s Grant

29-year-old campaign staffer Charlotte thinks she has finally found her opportunity to climb the ladder when she is approached by the candidate, Naomi Heed, to impersonate her at an event. Charlotte’s thirty seconds of fame soon lead to a difficult career decision as she learns more about what it takes to be an impersonator.


(Prague CZ, 2020)

“Official Selection” NFFTY 2020, “Best Acting” and “Third Place” Trinity Film Festival 2020, “Honorable Mention” Fusion Film Festival 2020

In post-communist Prague, Amálie struggles to find her voice amidst a generational clash with her mother, who remains haunted by the recent terrors she witnessed.

The Apprentice


“Official Selection” Fort Lauderdale Film Festival 2020, “Official Selection” Saint Francis College Women’s Film Festival 2020

In a dystopian society, 22-year-old Ria – naïve and headstrong – is assigned a position as a psychology apprentice at a mental hospital. But her assignment turns out to be part of a larger system created to silence rebellious thinkers, and Ria is forced to fight against the dangerous cycle of the institution.

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